The real you lies beneath the surface. The surface is just a mask and the mask didn’t draw my attention, it is what’s beneath the mask. We all judge but do we get it right the first time, within seconds of meeting someone new we already put them into categories, don’t deny it, you know its true. Today’s world, we judge too quick,if we see a group of black youths, that doesn’t mean they’ll shoot you. Not all Turkish men are perverted, not all Chinese kids with glasses are good with maths, not all hot girls are slags, he dresses good, that doesn’t mean hes gay, you catch my drift. My message is that : Everybody is a puzzle, everyone has a different picture and  it takes time to put together a puzzle, after the effort it turns may turn out a different picture.

Wai-Sum Lam


Tiny Steps

June 2, 2010

People have influenced nature for centuries. Yet the power of nature is so strong that people are in fact very tiny and powerless in front of it. In her body of work Tiny Steps Petra Semerdjiev is observing the relationship between people and nature, their interaction. She has placed figures in the woods where the trees are covered with dense ivy. The positions of the figures are natural and in some images they are almost blending in with the background. The intention is to describe how varied the interaction is. Sometimes it seems that people are controlling nature, respecting it or become completely powerless in front of it. Shooting on film and processing the images through materials such as thin paper and stockings they achieve softness with which the photographer hopes to bring more poetical aspect and narrative to this work.

“He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.”

If somebody was superhuman, would they be able to cope with it? Would they revel in their uniqueness or collapse under the weight of their oddity? Being truly unique carries its own pains and sadnesses; feelings that even superhumans are vulnerable to.

This project is a starting point for a much larger body of work that i’ve been heading towards and planning on undertaking for years. As such, this image should be viewed as the first tentative steps to something much, much bigger.

B Boys & B Girls

May 28, 2010

Challenging the misconception and misunderstanding that the Hip Hop culture and the dance (B Boying) often has – Intimidating clothing, troubled youths, gang culture and so on.  The dance is an amazing art form that requires a great deal of time, energy and dedication for training and competing and battling, pushing the body to the limits.  It has a worldwide community of all ages and races which has aided massively to push the dance even further. Hip Hop is a culture built up of various elements – Graffiti,Djing,Rap and B Boying as well a key element – Peace, love unity & having fun.

Paul Astley

Paris Williams

May 27, 2010

It’s come to my attention more and more recently that there seems to be an unspoken age limit on acting young. Most of the time as you grow up you naturally start acting older, being more mature but who’s to say you can’t act like a kid again from time to time? Who has put this age limit on childhood? I know I have responsibilities like all adults and the world wouldn’t survive if everyone was running around like 5 year olds but is it just me who wishes that sometimes I could forget about being grown up and just let go? No of course not, I’m sure that everyone would love to take a day off from being an adult once in a while and enjoy the things you used to love doing when you were a child.

The thing I miss most about being young was the simple ability to do nothing and find pleasure in life’s little things. Days out in the sun enjoying the world around me.

So I decided to put together this body of work to depict my own memories of childhood using an adult model to show how easy it can be for an adult to regress back to a childish state of mind. You can’t see the models facial expression in the images because I want it to be about more than an emotion. I want to convey an inner feeling of peace and contentment in taking the time to revisit your childhood. I’m trying to show an innocence of this childish state of mind whilst delving into my own memories of childhood that I’m not ready to let die.

Ashleigh Boorman

May 27, 2010

I have always been interested with artists who work with their own family as there is a certain issue of sensitivity and intimacy.

This project for me, was important in reflecting the characters of my mother and my nan, presenting familiar gestures and talking through expression which I can relate to as I spend plenty of time with them both. The relationship and experiences I have endured with both my mum and nan have brought about great struggle, loss and dysfunction but also laughter
and strength as a female orientated family have stuck it out together.